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Mercer Island - Lukas Hill

This home deserved new life.  A split-level home built in the 50's, it had good bones and plenty of space.  What it lacked was street presence and a configuration that suited current day homeowners.

Stripped to studs and with the roof "popped up" this home is now a series of stylish yet comfortable living spaces, and has a long road ahead of it as someone's perfect home.

Lakemont Kitchen

The 90's, while it wasn't THAT long ago, can seem like ancient history when it comes to a well-utilized kitchen  As a cool homeowner, with a preference for the well-coifed and beautiful, the oak palace can be difficult to endure.

Luckily, a cosmetic update is not only a possibility, it also increases a home's value and improves the homeowner's happiness quotient!  This update is a stunner!

Mercer Island Waterfront

This Mercer Island home received complete updating and reworking to meet the needs of a new owner. The existing home failed to make the most of the shoreline views, and had awkward, inefficient spaces. The reconfigured home allows the down-sizing residents to live in what essentially amounts to a rambler, but with extra room available for visitors.

The contemporary look of the interiors compliments the streamline exteriors. With both lake views and interior space maximized for livability, the home now reflects the owners’ tastes and serves as a modern oasis to its inhabitants.

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