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Entertainment Elevated: Crafting Innovative Outdoor Spaces in the Northwest



These return Lakeville clients had discerning tastes and a desire for entertaining, with a crystal-clear vision in mind. They aspired to create a modern, sleek, and inviting space that seamlessly blended with their Northwest contemporary home while offering awe-inspiring, unhindered views of Lake Washington. Moreover, they were determined to infuse their outdoor space with innovative design elements that would set it apart from the ordinary.

There were challenges, primarily in the realm of construction depth and the desire to minimize the number of columns. This called for creative framing solutions that tested the team's ingenuity.

We were proud to deliver these clients their dream outdoor space. The result is a stunning upper deck and lower patio with features that include semi-opaque walkable skylights, a cable rail system for unobstructed views, a raised paver system supported by pedestals, an Ipe soffit with integrated Infratech heaters, and a gas-piped fire pit and BBQ.

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