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Artful Blend: A Mix of Old and New in a Lake Sammamish Transformation



This Lakeville project involves a transformation of a 1960s Dutch-gabled rambler into a luxury remodel with a new second floor. For 40 years, we’ve strived to deliver exceptional custom construction, unparalleled service, with the utmost integrity. This project also showcases thoughtful design developed by open-minded homeowners and a dedicated team of experts.

Located in the heart of Lake Sammamish, the clients had a clear vision for the addition and remodel but were open to creative exploration. The mission was to add three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a bonus/media room to the existing structure while converting one of the bedrooms into a dedicated office and another into a fitness room. The challenge didn't stop there; they wanted to update and reconfigure the kitchen and primary bathroom and open up the once-narrow dining room to the rest of the house.

One of the remarkable aspects of this project was the absence of a dominant architectural style in the original house. This lack of a defined style gave the team the freedom to make smart decisions about layout and finishes. The result is a home that seamlessly blends old and new, a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity.

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