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Architectural Fusion: Revealing Diverse Design Influences by Lake Washington



These homeowners embarked on a three-year journey to create their dream home overlooking Lake Washington, partnering with architect Curtis Gelotte and Lakeville Homes. Their former Boeing engineer background influenced the design, resulting in a contemporary house with Asian and Scandinavian touches, boasting a stunning view and ample backyard for their energetic dogs.

With functionality in mind, the house incorporates three bedrooms, an office, a dog-washing station in the laundry room, a wine cellar, and an array of entertainment spaces. The home’s standout features include a striking limestone wall with a steel fireplace, a captivating oversized front door made of various woods and metal elements, and a second-story deck boasting 180-degree views of the lake, complete with a limestone fireplace and folding glass doors for year-round enjoyment.

The homeowners' meticulous planning and Lakeville Homes' craftsmanship culminated in a residence that seamlessly merges artistry with comfort, earning praise from both the homeowners and the builders involved.

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